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建築材料 Building Materials

.機械設備工程 Building Equipments Projects
.家居裝修材料 Home Decoration Materials .酒店設備供應及專業 Hotel Supply
Building Equipments Projects
B01; 建築施工機械 Construction & Engineering Equipment

B01;; 建筑及施工工具 Construction & Engineering Tools

B02; 機電工程設備 Electrical Engineering Equipment

B03; 冷氣空調設備 Air Conditioning Equipment

B04; 保安消防設備 Security & Fire Equipment

B05; 電子數碼通訊設備 Telecom Communications Equipment

B06; 家具家飾設計 Furniture, Design & Decoration

B07; 辦工傢俱設備 Office Furniture, Equipment

B08; 燈飾照明設備 Lamps & Lighting Equipment

B09; 浴室衛浴潔具、龍頭 Bathroom Sanitary Ware, Faucets

B10; 廚房廚櫃及設備 Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment

B11; 濾水設備 Water Treatment Equipment

B12; 物流倉儲設備 Logistic Warehouse Storage, Shelving & Equipment

B13; 公園、遊樂場及主題園設備 Parks, Playgrounds and Theme Park Equipment (Facilities)

B14; 園林綠化休閒設備(景觀育樂)工程 Landscaping & Leisure Equipment & Facilities

B15; 音響視聽及舞台燈光設備 Acoustical, Audio-Visual and Stage Lighting Equipment

B16; 醫療及復康設備 Medical and Rehabiliation equipments

羅莎建築設備 Rosa Building Equipment
廚房廚櫃及設備 Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment
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锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷锟斤拷t锟斤拷锟絕 線上供應商記錄 Total Supplier(s) Record : 113
1 同和裝修工程公司 Tong Vo Chong Sao Cong Cheng Cong Si



RosaRef : 4342 Market : 澳門 Macau Last Update : 2016-12-05

2 英光雪櫃冷凍公司 Ying Kwong Refrigeration & Airsystem Co
英光雪櫃冷凍工程公司於1952年成立,是一家源遠流長的冷凍設備公司。 多年來,英光以實力和專業經驗在製冷產業前進開發專業製冷設施。積極與全球優秀的供應商發展友好伙伴合作關係,關切及收集國內、外行業項目發展訊息,為行業作出貢獻。英光貫切供應安全,可靠,技術性,耐久,環境保護,節能,匹配,並且遵守經濟效率作為原則,從世界每個地方進口高質量製冷設備。

Ying Kwong company was founded in 1952. YK is a well-established refrigeration equipment factory. over the years, YK with strength and specialized experience in refrigeration industry advances develops professional refrigeration facilities. Concern and collection domestic, outside profession project development news, makes the contribution for the profession. YK supply the security, reliable, durable, the environmental protection, the energy saving, a matching, as well as conforms with the economic efficiency as a principle, from world each place import the high quality refrigeration equipment.

The YK business scope include commercial walk-in cold storage, refrigerator and supermarket showcase, the refrigeration control, the evaporator, the compressor, the kitchen stainless steel ware, project design, install, maintenance, repair.

RosaRef : 1469 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2019-11-11

3 英陶潔具有限公司 Imperial Bathroom Products Ltd
RosaRef : 9806 Market : 中國 China; Last Update : 2010-01-03

4 太平家廚電器 Gilman Kitchen & Appliances
提供一系列著名家電品牌如法國第一品牌 Brandt白朗、美國著名品牌 Philco飛歌、法國殿堂級廚房電器品牌 De Dietrich及英國第一小家電品牌 Morphy Richards 英國摩斐等。 the leading distributor of celebrated brands of electrical home appliances since 1841. Gilman represents an impressive inventory of world-renowned quality brands such as De Dietrich, Brandt, Philco and Morphy Richards.
RosaRef : 5482 Market : 香港 Hong Kong; Last Update : 2011-07-12

5 Rubinetterie Bandini S.r.l.
Ninety Years of history made of Bandini a reality which experience and skill in the bathroom field are rare in the world. An history marked out by a will of innovation, looking constantly for new technology, always more sure and sophisticate as well as by a will of research in the latest design, with a high aesthetic value as well as functionality. A History in which words like tradition and humanistic culture have been never forgotten.
RosaRef : 9025 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-03-22

6 Elkay Headquarters
Elkay has been manufacturing quality stainless steel sinks since 1920. Over those years, our engineering and manufacturing methods have continued to evolve and set the industry standard. We also provide precision engineering to quartz, copper, fine fireclay, cast brass, and CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper sinks. Elkay has the ideal sink for commercial and residential applications, from healthcare facilities, schools and stadiums, to restaurants, airports, office buildings and single/multi-family homes.
RosaRef : 7484 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2016-10-11

7 Electrolux
Electrolux is one of the world's leading international appliance companies. We are a part in the daily life of hundreds of millions of families around the world. Each year, some 40 million consumers in more than 150 countries choose our products, such as cookers and cooktops, ovens, fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, room air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. That translates to two products bought from us every second, every day of the year.
RosaRef : 1174 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2018-08-27

8 Hang Tat Heating Systems Consultant Co Ltd
★Bathroom Fixtures & Accessories ★Drinking Fountains ★Hand Dryers ★Kitchen Cupboards & Accessories ★Water Heaters Brand Names : ★BERLIN ★ZIP
RosaRef : 1232 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-04-15

9 直銷中心有限公司 Direct Sale Centre Ltd
RosaRef : 4278 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2010-03-09

10 Casa Group Ltd
可麗耐® 指定分銷商Authorised Dealers : Corian®
RosaRef : 10299 Market : 香港 Hong Kong; Last Update : 2011-08-02

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