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建築材料 Building Materials

.機械設備工程 Building Equipments Projects
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Building Materials Index
A01; 一般建材 General Materials
A02; 天花材料 Ceiling Materials
A03; 隔間材料 Partition Materials
A04; 水泥製品 Cement & Concrete
A05; 木材製品 Timber & Processing
A06; 五金材料 Ironmongery, Hardware Materials
A07; 門鎖材料 Door Locks
A08; 地材地坪 | 地板 Flooring
A09; 門窗設备 Door & Windows
A10; 金屬鋼材 Iron & Steel
A11; 油漆塗料 Paints & Varnishes
A12; 建築玻璃建材 Glass Construction Products
A13; 帷幕牆 Curtain Walling
A14; 化工建材 Chemicals
A15; 防水隔熱,保護 Waterproofing & Fire, Protection Materials
A16; 石材磚瓦 Stones & Tiles
A17; 裝潢材料 Decoration Materials
A18; 環保材料 Green Building Materials
A19; 耐震材料 Earthquake Resistant Materials
A20; 廢料回收 Green Recycle
A21; 人造石面材料 Solid Surfacing
羅莎建築材料 Rosa Building Materials
隔間材料 Partition Materials
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線上供應商記錄 Total Supplier(s) Record : 160
151 湯始防火門工程有限公司 Tong Chi Fire Door Engineering Ltd
防火安全設施服務,承接防火玻璃工程,安裝防火間隔等high quality steel doors and fire-resistant glass doors
RosaRef : 1461 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-05-14

152 PROMETAL® S.p.A.
Prometal manufactures false ceilings in metal modules and special made-to-measure ceilings. External cladding. The company works worldwide in the sector of false ceilings and ventilated facades. ISO 9001:2000 certified
RosaRef : 10538 Market : 海外 Oversea; ( Last Update : 2011-07-19

... is the pioneer innovator of new panel materials and is the manufacturer of the World's First All-Weather, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Colorfast, Waterproof Board - Polyboard® and the revolutionary new All Purpose Fireproof Board - which has achieved the world's highest fire-rating - 5 hours at 1200°C according to BS 476: Part 22: 1987.
RosaRef : 1344 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-02-16

154 欣祺裝潢建材有限公司 Sin Chi Decoration Material Co Ltd
專業生產各種裝潢建材如:活動拉門,壁板,天花板,櫥櫃門等。a specialist manufacturer of P.V.C folding doors, louver doors, interior doors and wall panels.
RosaRef : 7904 Market : 台灣 Taiwan Last Update : 2011-08-19

155 遠東地區 : 香港 Chicago Metallic Far East : Hong Kong
Chicago Metallic 金屬天花及吊頂系統Chicago Metallic Asia Pacific operations based in Hong Kong. Ceiling grid, metal panels and metal ceiling systems for the building industry and marine sector will be profiled.
RosaRef : 2106 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2015-10-05

156 寶成(環球)有限公司 Po Shing (Worldwide) Co Ltd
.防火玻璃門及隔閘 .不锈綱防火綱門 .自動門工程 .不锈綱工程 .玻璃工程 - has more than forty years professional experience of Glass Engineering in large or medium scale projects. The projects included: Interior Glass Engineering for high-class residential apartment, commercial building, office, stars-hotel and retail. We believe in good quality and excellent service with reasonable price.
RosaRef : 2353 Market : 香港 Hong Kong; Last Update : 2010-03-22

157 National Partitions and Interiors, Inc
.In-Plant Modular Offices .Modular Environmental Rooms .Modular Equipment Enclosures
RosaRef : 1920 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-12-29

158 Partition Systems Ltd.
Partition Systems creates office environments and additions that stand the tests of time, traffic, taste, and the bottom-line. We serve leading companies and design professionals around the world with a wide selection of innovative, eco-friendly partit
RosaRef : 1880 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-12-21

159 嘉善縣建森木業有限公司 Jiashan Jiansen Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
公司主要生產膠合板地板基材和裝璜及傢俱配套膠合板、細木工板、建築及工程範本、覆膜板、膠合板地板、彎曲膠合板、飾面板。The enterprise mainly produces flooring base plywood and plywood for decoration and furniture. The production of blockboards,shuttering plywood,film-faced plywood,engineering plywood,decorated plywood and post forming curved plywood.
RosaRef : 3893 Market : 中國 China Last Update : 2009-01-08

160 信誌有限公司 Sellmax Ltd
Sellmax Ltd is established in 1992. We are committed to provide high quality products and services to architects and designers at competitive price. We supply and also install a wide range of interior products to clients including ceiling, wood flooring, acoustic wall panels, movable acoustic walls, auditorium, sports and retractable seating. Our project reference including many large scale projects for the government and architect firms.
RosaRef : 5981 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2010-03-08

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