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建築材料 Building Materials

.機械設備工程 Building Equipments Projects
.家居裝修材料 Home Decoration Materials .酒店設備供應及專業 Hotel Supply
Building Equipments Projects
B01; 建築施工機械 Construction & Engineering Equipment

B01;; 建筑及施工工具 Construction & Engineering Tools

B02; 機電工程設備 Electrical Engineering Equipment

B03; 冷氣空調設備 Air Conditioning Equipment

B04; 保安消防設備 Security & Fire Equipment

B05; 電子數碼通訊設備 Telecom Communications Equipment

B06; 家具家飾設計 Furniture, Design & Decoration

B07; 辦工傢俱設備 Office Furniture, Equipment

B08; 燈飾照明設備 Lamps & Lighting Equipment

B09; 浴室衛浴潔具、龍頭 Bathroom Sanitary Ware, Faucets

B10; 廚房廚櫃及設備 Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment

B11; 濾水設備 Water Treatment Equipment

B12; 物流倉儲設備 Logistic Warehouse Storage, Shelving & Equipment

B13; 公園、遊樂場及主題園設備 Parks, Playgrounds and Theme Park Equipment (Facilities)

B14; 園林綠化休閒設備(景觀育樂)工程 Landscaping & Leisure Equipment & Facilities

B15; 音響視聽及舞台燈光設備 Acoustical, Audio-Visual and Stage Lighting Equipment

B16; 醫療及復康設備 Medical and Rehabiliation equipments

羅莎建築設備 Rosa Building Equipment
保安消防設備 Security & Fire Equipment
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1 Mul-T-Lock Technologies Ltd
Mul-T-Lock Ltd. is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing High Security products for institutional, commercial, industrial, residential and automotive applications. Our product range includes mechanical cylinders, locks and padlocks, electromechanical locking systems and automatic assembly and key-cutting machines. The company is fully owned by ASSA ABLOY, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions.
RosaRef : 5296 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2010-01-18

2 Shen Milsom & Wilke Ltd
Shen Milsom & Wilke provides consulting, design, and technical expertise in the following disciplines: • multimedia/audiovisual • Information technology/telecom • building security • acoustics • medical equipment planning
RosaRef : 9653 Market : 香港 Hong Kong ; Last Update : 2009-05-11

3 衞安有限公司 Guardforce Limited
All Guardforce security guards are fully licensed, professionally trained and first-aid certified to handle and react to any situation your business may face. MORE. Security Transport ... ★Access Control System ★Burglar Alarm System ★CCTV System ★Bullet Resistance Glass ★Guard Touring System
RosaRef : 1223 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-01-20

4 PanaVise Products
PanaVise is a major manufacturer of precision vises, circuit board holders, work holding tools and mini arbor presses. We also design and manufacture mobile electronics mounts for hands-free kits, GPS units, satellite radio receivers, mobile video screens, two-way radios, and mobile data terminals -- if it's electronic and mobile, we can hold it! In the security industry, PanaVise is a premier supplier of high quality CCTV camera mounts. For professional sound installers and home theater enthusiasts, our speaker mounts are the superior choice.
RosaRef : 1796 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-05-20


RosaRef : 1353 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2013-05-15

6 Häfele GmbH & Co KG - HK Representative Office
Hafele – Your gateway to the world of furniture and hardware fittings Häfele is a partner to the wood processing trade, the furniture industry, architects and planners, property developers, investors and the specialist trade. The Häfele product range includes: .Furniture fittings .Architectural hardware .Dialock
RosaRef : 2021 Market : 香港 Hong Kong; Last Update : 2016-07-28

7 Focus Sales
Welcome to the Focus Sales corporation, a professional sales organization representing manufacturers in the commercial security market. Our expertise includes Video Surveillance, Access Control, Communications and Life Safety systems. Our mission is to contribute to the development and growth of a company through the utilization of demonstrated sales, marketing and technical expertise. We concentrate on increasing the profits of companies we work with by increasing revenues and decreasing expenses.
RosaRef : 1805 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-05-20

8 VTEL Products Corporation, Inc.
The least expensive professional videoconferencing system in the industry...
RosaRef : 1761 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-12-20

9 上海純翠裝飾材料有限公司 Shanghai Chuncui Decoration Material Co Ltd
主要產品有:玻璃纖維石膏板、GRG高強石膏製品、中式及美式檢修口、石膏異型產品及GRC產品Ceiling, Curtain Wall Accessories and System
RosaRef : 9923 Market : 香港 Hong Kong; Last Update : 2009-10-16

10 Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
Bosch Security Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor. With the product business Bosch provides global support for consultants, system integrators, installers, wholesalers and OEMs. This is backed up with fast deliveries, extensive training and customer support. ■Video surveillance systems incl. video over IP and intelligent video analysis ■Intrusion detection systems ■Access control systems ■Fire alarm systems ■Voice evacuation systems ■Management systems ■Professional audio systems ■Conference systems ■Personal security and paging systems ■Care solutions
RosaRef : 10192 Market : 海外 Oversea; (新加坡 Singapore) Last Update : 2010-03-05

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