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建築材料 Building Materials

.機械設備工程 Building Equipments Projects
.家居裝修材料 Home Decoration Materials .酒店設備供應及專業 Hotel Supply
Building Equipments Projects
B01; 建築施工機械 Construction & Engineering Equipment

B01;; 建筑及施工工具 Construction & Engineering Tools

B02; 機電工程設備 Electrical Engineering Equipment

B03; 冷氣空調設備 Air Conditioning Equipment

B04; 保安消防設備 Security & Fire Equipment

B05; 電子數碼通訊設備 Telecom Communications Equipment

B06; 家具家飾設計 Furniture, Design & Decoration

B07; 辦工傢俱設備 Office Furniture, Equipment

B08; 燈飾照明設備 Lamps & Lighting Equipment

B09; 浴室衛浴潔具、龍頭 Bathroom Sanitary Ware, Faucets

B10; 廚房廚櫃及設備 Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment

B11; 濾水設備 Water Treatment Equipment

B12; 物流倉儲設備 Logistic Warehouse Storage, Shelving & Equipment

B13; 公園、遊樂場及主題園設備 Parks, Playgrounds and Theme Park Equipment (Facilities)

B14; 園林綠化休閒設備(景觀育樂)工程 Landscaping & Leisure Equipment & Facilities

B15; 音響視聽及舞台燈光設備 Acoustical, Audio-Visual and Stage Lighting Equipment

B16; 醫療及復康設備 Medical and Rehabiliation equipments

羅莎建築設備 Rosa Building Equipment
電子數碼通訊設備 Telecom Communications Equipment
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锟斤拷绯伙拷y 線上供應商記錄 Total Supplier(s) Record : 70
1 NEC Hong Kong Ltd
- was established in 1984 and has expanded rapidly in Hong Kong, Macau and China. NEC Hong Kong has been providing advanced computer and communications products, display and visual appliance, mobile telecommunications devices, and information & communication technology solutions to foster the market development. We are now a leading provider of business solutions and consulting services.
RosaRef : 9195 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-04-23

2 i-Control Ltd
香港第一 智能家居設計顧問,一站式燈光、影音及保安等系統。
RosaRef : 5735 Market : 香港 Hong Kong; Last Update : 2010-06-03

★Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems | ★Communication & Security Systems | ★Electrical & Electronic Materials, Products & Components
RosaRef : 10214 Market : 海外 Oversea; (新加坡 Singapore) Last Update : 2010-03-06

4 Focus Sales
Welcome to the Focus Sales corporation, a professional sales organization representing manufacturers in the commercial security market. Our expertise includes Video Surveillance, Access Control, Communications and Life Safety systems. Our mission is to contribute to the development and growth of a company through the utilization of demonstrated sales, marketing and technical expertise. We concentrate on increasing the profits of companies we work with by increasing revenues and decreasing expenses.
RosaRef : 1805 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-05-20

5 亞太衛星控股有限公司 APT Satellite Holdings Ltd (股份編號﹕1045)
RosaRef : 5177 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2010-03-24

6 亞州建業顧問有限公司 BSA Consultants Ltd
創立於一九九七年,為客戶提供商業及辦工樓、酒店、工業樓宇及住宅發展物業等之機電顧問工程服務。屋宇設備範圍包括空調、消防、給排水及污水處理,升降機及電梯,能源使用及管理、電話、電視、保安及電腦自動調控系統等。 公司擁有經驗豐富之專業人員對各類不同樓宇進行工程設計,監督及同時提供全面協調服務。BSA CONSULTANTS LTD. was established in 1997 to provide mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services for commercial and offices buildings, hotels, institutional centres, factories and residential developments. The firm practices in building services including fire services, plumbing, drainage and sewage treatment, lift and escalator, energy utilization and management, PABX, CABD, security and building automation systems. The firm has the experience, knowledge and qualified professional staffs to carry out design and supervision of all types of building services works and provides comprehensive and co-ordinated services from conception to completion.
RosaRef : 9282 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-04-25

7 衞安有限公司 Guardforce Limited
All Guardforce security guards are fully licensed, professionally trained and first-aid certified to handle and react to any situation your business may face. MORE. Security Transport ... ★Access Control System ★Burglar Alarm System ★CCTV System ★Bullet Resistance Glass ★Guard Touring System
RosaRef : 1223 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2009-01-20

8 NAVCO Networks & Security
NAVCO is the largest privately held national system integrator in North America. We are experts in providing electronic security and networking communications solutions for a wide range of industries efficiently and effectively throughout our system of offices. We bring the best product, software, application knowledge, service and support together to create solutions engineered for a fast-moving converging world.
RosaRef : 1776 Market : 海外 Oversea Last Update : 2009-05-20

9 科達通訊器材有限公司 Comtech Telecom Co Ltd
公司成立於1996年,專門提供以下各種服務: * 電話系統/交換機之安裝及銷售 * 承接系統搬遷、改位及維修保養 * 語音系統及 VoIp Chinese港聯系 * 電腦網絡佈線 * 二手系統買賣及安裝 * 代客申請電話線搬遷及安裝
RosaRef : 5770 Market : 香港 Hong Kong Last Update : 2010-03-09

10 Chubb Singapore Ptd Ltd
. Fire Safety products and systems . Electronic Security product range . Security Personnel services
RosaRef : 10265 Market : 海外 Oversea; (新加坡 Singapore) Last Update : 2010-03-07

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