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英光雪櫃冷凍工程公司於1952年成立,是一家源遠流長的冷凍設備公司。 多年來,英光以實力和專業經驗在製冷產業前進開發專業製冷設施。積極與全球優秀的供應商發展友好伙伴合作關係,關切及收集國內、外行業項目發展訊息,為行業作出貢獻。英光貫切供應安全,可靠,技術性,耐久,環境保護,節能,匹配,並且遵守經濟效率作為原則,從世界每個地方進口高質量製冷設備。


★ 技術服務
我們在國、內外專案上所得的豐富技術心得, 引進國外有關的先進技術,向客戶在下列專案階段提供相應技術服務。 計畫階段:提供初步設計圖畫和相關技術資訊。

設計階段:配合設計單位設計工作 施工階段:專業技術指導 調試階段:專業人員執行調試工作或專業技術指導 交付使用階段:指導有關操作人員保養及使用

★ 配套設備供應
我們根據顧客請求,匹配冷櫃專案的設備需要。 我們的選擇這些設備的標準:以下列作為準則。 • 運行穩定性較高 • 使用壽命較長 • 消售價格適中 • 設備匹配性符合 • 運行成本較低 • 配件可互換性較高配合 • 環保

★ 設備銷售不斷在國內外尋找理想合作夥伴作為他們產品的銷售代理。其產品必具備先進性、可靠性、價格適中三大條件。

★ 安裝工程

★ 售後服務
我司香港總部及國內各分支機搆都為客戶提供下列售後服務。 • 定期保養 • 保養諮詢 • 操作諮詢
Ying Kwong company was founded in 1952. YK is a well-established refrigeration equipment factory. over the years, YK with strength and specialized experience in refrigeration industry advances develops professional refrigeration facilities. Concern and collection domestic, outside profession project development news, makes the contribution for the profession. YK supply the security, reliable, durable, the environmental protection, the energy saving, a matching, as well as conforms with the economic efficiency as a principle, from world each place import the high quality refrigeration equipment.

The YK business scope include commercial walk-in cold storage, refrigerator and supermarket showcase, the refrigeration control, the evaporator, the compressor, the kitchen stainless steel ware, project design, install, maintenance, repair.

★ Commercial Cold Storage, Refrigerator And Freezer equipment
★ Sole Agent
- MATSUZAKA Combined Walk-In Cold Storage - DAISU Commercial Refrigerator Equipment / The supermarket various types freezing refrigeration exhibits and storage cabinet

We supply many kinds of standard sizes series to you choice and welcome special custom designed order.

★ STAINLESS STEEL WARE ( Chiller equipment / Display Case/ Chest Freezer / Sink Table / Frozen Cabinet / Work-Top Table ……. Etc.)

★ MANEUROP Compressor ( France)
According to its unique design reason and the remarkable performance, are the high faith and the long life compressor, for uses in R22, the R134A and many kind of environmental refrigerant, horsepower from 1.5 to 30, high versatility, use in walk-in cold storage, air conditioning, heat pump, dryer, water cooler and cooling systems and refrigerator and freezer equipment and so on.

★ Technical Services
We in Hong Kong and China project obtained of past achievements, implementation of the latest technologies, we are able to offer comprehensive technical services at different phases of a project. • Planning stage: provide preliminary design drawings and other related technical information. • Design stage: corporate with the design institutes and company. • Implement stage: provide technical support and on-site installations. • Testing & commissioning stage: to be completed by technicians and/ or provide technical supports. • Delivery stage: provide operation and maintenance trainings.

★ Supply of Packaged Equipment
We according to the customer request, to match cold storage equipment requirement for projects. Our choice these equipment standard: By following. • Stable operation • Durable • Economical • System matching capable • Low operation cost • Interchangeable & compatible • Environmental-friendly

★ Equipment Sales
We are ever looking for reputable manufactures in the world to distribute their products. The products we agent must be: advance in technology, reliabilile and innovative.

★ Installation
We have engineering in various parts of China that hold national installation permits.We are also associated with well-established construction and engineering installation companies that we can contract engineering installation projects of different scales.

★ After-sale Services
Our service team in Hong Kong and all the branches in Mainland China are delighted to provide the following after-sale services: • Scheduled maintenance • Maintenance consultancy • Repairing on site • Repairing consultancy • Operation consultancy
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